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Changes to the zone for the Euro-African Championship

For the Euro-African spearfishing championship in Turkey, 16 countries have registered. The championship is scheduled to take place from May 29th to June 6th, but the new board of the Turkish Federation plans to change the location and move the compe...

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​Team CIAS first at XXII Open Ciutat de Palma

Oscar Cervantes Riera, Jose Luis Fernandez Garcia, and Miguel Angel Oliver Sitjar (Team CIAS) won the XXII Open Ciutat de Palma-40. Trophy Pep Amengual, with 58,095 points. Among their remarkable catch of 28 fish was a white grouper weighin...

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Malen Sart, Sebastia Torre and Chus Exposito first Master's winners

Malen Sart Bonin, Sebastia Torre Gimenez, and Chus Exposito Ruiz won the firstedition of the Master's World Cup 50+, held during Semana Master in Palma deMallorca. The Spanish team, named Buona Sera, caught 22 fish, with the biggest onebeing a mullet...

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​Malen Sart won IV Women's Cup

Malen Sart Bonnin, a two-time world spearfishing champion, won the IV CMAS Women's Cup at Semana Master in Palma de Mallorca. During five hours, Malen Sart caught 13 fish, earning 13,595 points. Her biggest catch was a red scorpionfish...

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Oscar Cervantes, winner of XXI Master

Oscar Cervantes Riera, a spearfisherman from Spain, won the XXI Master individual men's competition at the traditional Semana Master in Palma de Mallorca. After 5 hours, Oscar Cervantes had 25 fish which brought him 56,435 points. His bigge...

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Semana Master livestreaming at CMAS YouTube Channel

Semana Master Palma will be livestreamed at CMAS' YouTube Channel: ( information:

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Spearfishing men and women stars on Semana Master

The Semana Master spearfishing championship in Palma de Mallorca is set to take place on the 26th and 27th of January. Four different competitions will gather many stars from the spearfishing world. In the XXI Master, 14 athletes from Spain, Italy, F...

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Recognition in the City Hall for Jose Pep Amengual

Jose Pep Amengual, a spearfishing legend, has received recognition at the City Hall of Palma de Mallorca for his 50th anniversary of winning his first world title. Celebrating such a milestone is a testament to his dedication and achievements in the ...

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Chile will host the Panamerican Championship

The IX CMAS Panamerican Spearfishing Championship will be held in Antofagasta, Chile, from 10th to 13th October 2024. The championship will be organized by the Asociación de Deportes Submarinos de Antofagasta (ADESUBA). Particular rules will be publi...

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Stefano Bellani will compete in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro's Yacht Club will be the home of the 2nd CMAS World Cup for Clubs in March 2024 Among the many well-known athletes, ex-world champion Stefano Bellani will compete alongside Maurizio Ramacciotti and Marco Paggini."It was not a tough dec...

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Palma de Mallorca prepared for champions

As always, the first spearfishing competition in the new year will be the traditional Semana Master in Palma de Mallorca, organized by FBDAS, FEDAS, and CMAS.There are four different competitions – for the first time, the Master's World Cup for athle...

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Raul Astorga will defend his title from Tunis

The second edition of the CMAS World Cup for Clubs will be held in Rio de Janeiro from March 7th to March 10th, 2024.  The competition and zone of the Tijuca islands on the coast of Rio de Janeiro already attracted more than 20 teams from around...

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Particular rules for Euro-African championship are published

The Particular rules for XXXIV Men and third Women CMAS Euro-African championship that will be held in Avsa island from May 29th till June 2nd 2024. are published on CMAS website. Technical delegate for the competition will be Parco Paggini from Ital...

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Rules for World Cup for Clubs are published

The Particular rules for the II World Cup for Clubs that will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from March 7th to March 10th, 2024. are published on the CMAS website. Because of the limited number of boats, only 30 teams can participate so teams that...

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25 men's and 12 female teams on WC

For the XXXIII. World Championship in Laredo, Spain registered 25 men's teams and 12 in the female competition.Men competition will have athletes from Alger, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgary, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, France, Finland, Great Brita...

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World Cup for Clubs in 2024. will be held in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro will hold a CMAS world spearfishing competition again after 61 years.  The iconic coastal city of Brazil will be the venue of the 2024 CMAS Spearfishing World Cup of Clubs, to take place from 7th to 10th March, at Marina da Glória...

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Euro-African Championship 2024. in Turkey

Next XXXIV. Euro-African Championship will be held at Avsa, an island of Balikesir city in Turkey. The competition will be organized by the Turkish Underwatersport Federation from 29th May to 2nd June 2024.

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XX Semana Master, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Malen Sart and Eugene Guillaume winners.After two years Semana Master, a traditional spearfishing competition that is held in January in Palma de Mallorca has returned. Organized by the Balearic Federation of Underwater Activities this edition brough...

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XXXIII World CMAS Championship for men, and second for women

World titles for Spanish athletes Magdalena Sart Bonin and Santiago Lopez CidTwo Spanish athletes Magdalena Sart Bonin and Santiago Lopez Cid are the winners of the World Spearfishing Championship held in Laredo, Spain. Spain is also a champion for t...

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