About Us

As a non-profit organization, our services cater to scuba divers, athletes, and the global underwater science community. We operate directly in the underwater environment and witness firsthand the consequences of our actions, making us acutely aware of the need for greater sustainability and environmental protection.

Explore our efforts and initiatives in promoting environmental protection and sustainability by delving into the mission of our Environment and Sustainability Area.

Our Mission 

The Environment and Sustainability Area strives to support and promote practical measures to safeguard our underwater environment. We aim to develop and execute projects that benefit the field, such as beach and seabed cleanups, ghost net collection, and environmental impact monitoring.

Our organization recognizes the importance of limiting human activities that may negatively impact marine and plant life to ensure a healthier and cleaner underwater environment. Therefore, all underwater activities should be carried out with sustainability in mind.

The core principles of our mission to maintain a cleaner, healthier underwater environment are:

  • Respecting the environment
  • Following rule and regulations 
  • Encouraging sustainable dive tourism and quality training
  • Actively protecting the environment
  • Encouraging others to take responsibility
  • Being willing to abstain from diving if necessary

Respecting the Environment

We place a high priority on environmental respect when it comes to our diving and snorkeling activities. Our goal is to minimize any negative impact on the environment, including its animals, plants, geological features, and cultural heritage sites. We believe that all underwater activities should be developed with this principle in mind, in order to promote sustainable practices and protect the underwater world for future generations.

Respecting Rules and Regulations

To uphold our commitment to environmental respect, it is essential that we also abide by the rules and regulations of the areas where we conduct our operations. This involves complying with all relevant local, regional, and international regulations, customs, and laws.

Various jurisdictions have their own specific laws and regulations governing the kinds of activities that are allowed in their waters, and it is our responsibility to comply with all regulations to prevent encroaching on any protections established by local or regional authorities.

Promoting Sustainable Dive Tourism and Quality Training

We strive to promote sustainable dive tourism by encouraging responsible behavior that minimizes negative impacts on the underwater environment and surrounding areas. This involves avoiding disruptions and noise that may cause harm to animals, reef structures, or geological formations.

To achieve this goal, we believe that high-quality training is essential. It is crucial that divers receive the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that they are prepared to avoid causing damage to the environment while diving or snorkeling.

Committing to Actively Protecting the Environment

We strive to encourage the active protection of the environment as one of our key goals. Our organization provides opportunities for divers to participate in our field projects and activities, including cleanup projects. By working together to protect the underwater environment, we promote greater sustainability and responsibility.

As part of our cleanup activities, we collect harmful and polluting materials such as abandoned nets and plastics. In addition, we promote responsible behavior for divers, including maintaining a "no contact" policy. This means that divers should refrain from feeding or disturbing animals, coral reefs, or any other natural objects.

Encouraging Responsibility for Others

Promoting responsibility among fellow divers can enhance adherence to sustainable practices that we advocate. Divers are encouraged to urge their diving companions to adopt the same sustainability efforts that we promote so as to minimize the impact on the underwater environment.

Being Prepared to Abstain from Diving

While taking the previous actions can help reduce harm to the underwater environment, there are times when refraining from diving is necessary to protect underwater cultural heritage sites. It's important for divers to be prepared to select an alternative dive site when the potential impact of diving is too high.

At our Environment and Sustainability Area, we take these steps to safeguard the natural world from both our recreational and scientific activities. We believe that personal and commercial interests should never justify harming the underwater environment.

Our primary objective is to shield the water and all marine life from our actions while promoting more sustainable interactions.