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​Team CIAS first at XXII Open Ciutat de Palma

Oscar Cervantes Riera, Jose Luis Fernandez Garcia, and Miguel Angel Oliver Sitjar (Team CIAS) won the XXII Open Ciutat de Palma-40. Trophy Pep Amengual, with 58,095 points. Among their remarkable catch of 28 fish was a white grouper weighing 12,245 grams.

Joan Campins Duran, Marco Antonio Caballero Gomez, and Carlos Martorell Adrover (Baleares Cressi Team) finished second among 18 teams with 50,260 points.

They caught 23 fish, and the largest was a grouper weighing 10,485 grams.

Third place went to Raul Astorga Perdigones, Ayoze Monzon, and Sergio Medina Jacoste (Beuchat Team) with 48,640 points. They also caught 23 fish, and the biggest was a white grouper weighing 11,785 grams.

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