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All the fish caught at the II World Cup for Clubs were donated to Gastromotiva

All fish caught during the second edition of the World Cup for Clubs were donated to the non-governmental organization Gastromotiva, funded by David Hertz. In 2015., Hertz met Italian chef Massimo Bottura at the launch of Refettorio Ambrosiano. They decided to launch Refettorio Gastromotiva in 2015 as an important legacy of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Refettorio Gastromotiva was created in 54 days with the help of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

Among other activities, Gastromotiva provides gastronomic education to the socially disadvantaged and serves daily free dinners to those in need, prepared by chefs who have graduated from the Gastromotiva school. Numerous top chefs have also been guests at Gastromotiva, preparing food for those in need, and one such dinner was organized after the conclusion of the World Cup for Clubs in Rio de Janeiro. Two top chefs, who are also spearfishermen, Patrick San and Narbal Correa, prepared three courses at Gastromotiva for those in need, served by those who purchased tickets for the charity dinner. Among them was Valentina Prokic, director of the CMAS Spearfishing Commission. The socially disadvantaged had the opportunity to eat expertly prepared dishes several times during the week by Brazilian and Gastromotiva chefs from the diverse fish caught during the championship. Donors who bought tickets and volunteered also dined in the same place as those in need after serving and cleaning up. The organizers of all spearfishing competitions in Rio de Janeiro intend to continue donating all fish to the Gastromotiva organization. Some of Gastromotiva's impacts are: more than 5000 graduated students, more than 140 thousand meals served with dignity, more than 9000 volunteers served dinners, more than 200 chefs and sous chefs cooked, and over 100 tons of rescued food.

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