Parasport Commission

The commission of PARA SPORT, is focused on the development and implementation of recreational, formative and sporting processes, in population that present and/or have acquired a disability, Physical, Cognitive and Auditory, in different latitudes of the Planet, and has a long-term sporting projection, or simply are interested in practicing one of the existing sports modalities in CMAS.

And in this way to guide the interior of CMAS all the pertinent in the construction and orientation of pedagogical and administrative instruments that allow to implement in each of the sports disciplines the best model to follow in function of the population in condition of disability and without disability.

And to correspond to what was established in 2006 with the "United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities". This achievement is relevant because it is the "First Human Rights Pact of the XXI Century", whose purpose is to promote, protect and safeguard the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of all persons with disabilities, promoting respect for their dignity.

Sports that take place in the aquatic environment are the only ones that can combine all disabilities, cerebral palsy (restrictions in coordination and movement), spinal cord injuries (weakness or paralysis affecting any combination of limbs) and other disabilities (such as dwarfism or achondroplasty; major joint restrictions) in all classes, i.e., they are grouped according to their ability to swim, regardless of the cause of their disability.

Parasport Commission


  • To structure a program of massification, detection, selection, training, control and performance of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities who are interested in doing one of the existing sports disciplines in CMAS.
  • To develop systematized processes of sports training integrating the theoretical and scientific elements of sports training to the realities of sport and the particularities of disability.
In this way, the PARA SPORT commission will be in charge of generating value to all the human, administrative and sports processes that are being developed within CMAS by sensitizing and visualizing a population that will significantly impact the way we relate to others.

The Board of Parasport Commission

Jimmy Martin ACOSTA LOPEZMember


Cristian CASTANO
Cristian CASTANOMember