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Principles and Values of Clean Sport

28 November. 2023 -14h00 CET

The fourth and penultimate webinar is on Tuesday, November 28. Thank you for your mobilisation. I still hope for you for this session.

Welcome to "Principles and Values of Clean Sport" - the fourth of a five-part webinar series hosted by the International Testing Agency (ITA). How do you, personally, make clean sports decisions? Did you know that personal and sports values affect decision-making? Tune in to learn more about yourself and the values most important to you and your fellow athletes. In this session, we will also discuss speaking up and the physical, mental, social and economic consequences of doping.

We are proud to deliver these webinars in six languages – English, العربية, español, français, русский and 普通话.

About this series: This clean sport series is brought to you by the ITA in conjunction with CMAS. The Athletes, administrators and athlete support personnel who attend all five sessions will receive a Certificate of Participation.

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