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Medications, Supplements, Prohibited List and TUEs

21 November. 2023

Many attendees of CMAS were online for the two first Autumn Webinars last Tuesday, 7 and 14 November. We appreciate your commitment. The next one will be Tuesday, 21 November, and we hope to see a maximum of CMAS Family members again. Please, continue your mobilisation !

Welcome to "Medications, Supplements, Prohibited List and TUEs" - the third of a five-part webinar series hosted by the International Testing Agency (ITA). How to navigate the Prohibited List and check your medications? Thinking about using supplements? What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption? What is the principle of Strict Liability? As a high-performance athlete or athlete support personnel, you need to know the answers to these questions. In this engaging 60-minute session we will cover all of these topics and provide you with important resources. 

We are proud to deliver these webinars in six languages – English, العربية, español, français, русский and 普通话..

About this series: This clean sport series is brought to you by the ITA in conjunction with CMAS. The Athletes, administrators and athlete support personnel who attend all five sessions will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Principles and Values of Clean Sport
The Doping Control Process