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​CMAS World Cup Pool Series - Apnea Games 2024

CMAS World Cup Apnea Games 2024 held in Athens, Greece from 27-29 April 2024.

It was the first competition of the CMAS world cup pool series that will have qualification status for the coming World Games 2025 in China and it had a great success.

For three days, at the Alimos Municipal Swimming Pool, some of the best athletes in the world did their best performances, breaking World and National Records, as well as many PBs.

Under perfect weather conditions, 40 athletes from 13 countries competed in three disciplines:

Senior Male: DYN, DNF, DYNBF.

Senior Female: DYN, DNF, DYNBF.

The Ukrainian Champion Kateryna Sadurska and the Croatian recordman, Boris Milosic, were the two overall best athletes of the first CMAS World Cup Apnea Games 2024. Sadurska won all three gold medals of the Women's disciplines and Milosic won two gold and one silver medal.

During the three days of the CMAS World Cup Apnea Games in Athens, four athletes achieved World Records in the categories M1, M2 and M4, while 16 National Records were broken in 6 countries.

The Judges, the safety divers and the team of volunteers did their best and helped the games run smoothly and successfully.

The Medalists

DNF Women

  1. Kateryna Sadurska (UKR) 181,00
  2. Anna Iliadou (GRE) 130,00
  3. Siri Østvold (NOR) 125,00


  1. Boris Milocsic (CRO) 190,00
  2. Ioannis Kothonidis (GRE) 181,50
  3. Nazar Levytskyi (UKR) 157,50

DYN Women

  1. Kateryna Sadurska (UKR) 246
  2. Cristina Francone (ITA) 214,50
  3. Birgül Erken (TUR) 184,00


  1. Boris Milosic (CRO) 263,00
  2. Maksym Kotov (UKR) 220,50
  3. Felice Tofani (ITA) 219,00

DYN BF Women

  1. Kateryna Sadurska (UKR) 200,00
  2. Fayrouz ElMehdawi (GRE) 185,00
  3. Yevheniia Bondar (UKR) 184,50


  1. Ioannis Kothonidis (GRE) 250,00
  2. Boris Milosic (CRO) 244,00
  3. Amedeo Comoglio (ITA) 243,00

The World Records

Aris Ioannidis (GRE) DNF M1 155,50

Alberto Giannini (SUI) DYN BF M2 159,00

Galatia Vourvouli (GRE) DYN M2 111,50

Alessandro Cianfoni (ITA) DNF SN M4 117,50

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