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UWH Referee Standards Published

by Don Mathews  |  CMAS UWH Referee Director

Three documents have been published by the College of Referees for immediate release. These documents will be useful to anyone in UWH who would like to:

  • Know anything about the UWH Referee Training Program
  • Develop referee training in their country
  • Become a referee for CMAS sanctioned UWH Events
  • Work with referees at tournaments

CMAS UWH Referee Standards Overview

This document outlines expectations for referees at all levels. It includes what is required for anyone to become a referee, and how to maintain status. The expectations of what referees should be capable of doing at every level is also included. 

CMAS UWH Course Standards

These standards were put together so that referee training can maintain consistency throughout the world. The Federations that regulate underwater hockey in their county needs to work on developing referees. Federations are encouraged to develop their referee training programs for Level 1 and Level 2 referees. 

This document is intended to help countries develop their training programs, and also help improve the training program for countries that have a developed referee training program. If your country is new to UWH, or is not able to develop a referee training program, we have Level 1 and Level 2 course materials that can used by instructors internationally or for you to get started.

CMAS UWH Referee Standards

This document goes into greater detail about the standards for Level 1 and Level 2 referees. As countries develop their referee training programs, and referees refine their skills, we expect to refine the elements of the document and provide even more details to the standard of refereeing. Level 3 referee standards are still in development and have been excluded from this version of the document.

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