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CMAS Celebrates its 65th Anniversary in Monaco, Birthplace of the World Underwater Federation, and Announces Renewal "To New Beginnings" at the 46th CMAS General Assembly.

CMAS has unveiled its new international platform, connecting all its national federations, diving professionals, sports events, scientific and environmental activities, and CMAS members to enhance user experience and give CMAS the representative visibility of all its work in the world of underwater activities. Activities that have remained in the shadow for many years.

CMAS partners with Sportall to revolutionise the broadcasting of underwater activities.

Introducing CMAS TV, an OTT (Over The Top) video platform. This collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for visibility and accessibility of underwater activities worldwide.

In collaboration with Sportall, a leader in multisport streaming and OTT services for federations and event organisers, CMAS TV offers and immersive experience for enthusiasts of Freediving, Finswimming, Underwater Photography/Videography, as well as Underwater Rugby, Spearfishing, Hockey, and more. CMAS TV will feature documentaries on athletes, interviews with underwater sport experts, scientific and environment updates and activities, and diverse content.

Accessible on all connected screens, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Chromecast-enabled TVs, CMAS TV will offer a diverse catalogue of live and video content:

  • Live broadcasts of a multitude of events organised by CMAS.
  • Quick replays of competitions to allow viewers not to miss anything.
  • Exclusive program including documentaries and archives of the greatest sporting moments.

Thanks to Sportall's exclusive multi-client shared platform architecture, they will support CMAS with a comprehensive range of services throughout the year, including live event capture, promotional content production, multi-destination streaming, and editorial support. This long-term partnership promises continuous innovation on TV.CMAS.ORG, offering extensive coverage to users and partners.

This long-term partnership between CMAS and Sportall promises the regular introduction of new features and services on TV.CMAS.ORG, offering users and partners extensive coverage, including multi-feed coverage.

TV.CMAS.ORG is now available, featuring live competitions and enriching content for underwater sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Anna Arzhanova, president of CMAS states:
"Today's launch isn't just about unveiling new platforms; it's a celebration of CMAS's rich legacy and the dawn of a new era. As we commemorate the 65th anniversary of CMAS in Monaco, we embrace our roots while propelling forward with a fresh strategy. Through web site and now CMAS TV, we're not only showcasing our pivotal role in sport, science, and diving but also inviting the world to join us on this exciting journey of exploration and innovation."

Thierry Boudard, president and co-founders of Sportall adds:
"Underwater Sports and Activities carry magnificent values of Ecology, Nature, Oneself's surpassing, and discovery. At Sportall we are proud to help CMAS to spread as widely as possible these values to sports fans across the world."

About World Underwater Federation (CMAS):
The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) was created in 1959 and Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau was elected president by unanimous vote from 15 countries. In 2024, CMAS is a confederation of 122 federations all over the world, under 5 world regions, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Organizer of World and National Championships in 11 Sub-Aquatic sports, Finswimming, Freediving, Visual (Underwater Photography and video), Underwater Rugby, Underwater Hockey, Sport Diving, Target shooting, Spearfishing, Orienteering, Aquathon, and Parasports. CMAS is a leader in underwater Scientific and environment activities, and signed an agreement with UNESCO in June 2023 for Underwater Cultural Heritage. The scientific heritage dates back to Cousteau, and has been an on-going activity for developing courses, research, expertise in this field. CMAS standards in the world of underwater diving has a large offering of courses and reaches out to numerous specialties, responding to all diving needs and requirements.

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About Sportall :
SPORTALL is a sports streaming platform that allows rights holders to produce, promote, and monetize their content directly connecting with fans. SPORTALL provides rights holders with its entire OTT technology and accompanying technical, editorial, and promotional services. For sports fans, SPORTALL is also a multisport application that offers free access to a wide range of sports events and themed applications on any device.

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