Youth Commission

"Friendship, knowledge and joy,- diving in the premises of children and youth."

By Anne Brit Strupstad





The Beginning

The Commission was established in 2002 directly under CMAS EB.


  • Creating interest for CMAS diving clubs.
  • Establishing diving contact to girls and boys.
  • Bridging the gap between cultures and generations.
  • Enabling respect for possibilities and limitation.
  • Stimulating international collaboration and understanding.
  • Safety through knowledge and positive attitude.



  • To market snorkel diving courses and activity
  • To create and co-operate education and activities for snorkel diving in the premises of the youth
  • To implement snorkel diving into sports diving
  • To work for the education of more instructors for children and youth
  • To combine the questions about children and youth from the different committees
  • To work for youth certificates in sport, technique and science


Youth camp 2002

"When I look back, I remember the camp with joy. I got several new friends within the diving milieu, and I hope I meet them again, - may be at an arrangement another time.I will recommend everyone to participate at a camp like this because it was very nice. You meet people with the same interest as yourself and do one of the greatest hobbies at the same time."

Anne Brit Strupstad