2nd CMAS Underwater Video World Championship

visual 7th - 12nd Oct 2014 Tenerife, Las Galletas, ESP

2nd CMAS World Championship Underwater Video on Tenerife


  • FEDAS + Fedecas: Mr. Eduardo Centelles, Mr. Julian Anaissi

Participating nations:

  • Spain (2)
  • Belgium (2)
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy


  • Mrs. Ruth Afonso (ESP)
  • Mr. Paul Mai (GER)
  • Mr. Philippe Lesur (FRA)

CMAS Jurado:

  • Mr. Soeren Petersen (DEN)

CMAS Delegate:

  • Mr. Juergen Warnecke

The 2. World Championships of Underwater Video from the 7th to the 12th of October held in Las Galletas/Tenerife were a good success. Unfortunately, the number of participants (8 teams) once again fell short of expectations. For a World Championship at least 5 nations are prescribed.

However, the quality of the videos submitted was excellent.

The innovative and technically correct implementation of the ideas convinced even the expert jury. One could recognize that documentations of the ambience stayed behind in the assessment, while ideas and the good story book were clearly in the advantage.

Especially the German team (gold metal/World Champion) convinced with reduced sound setting, good implementation of the idea - Odysseus journey - and professional technical maturity and thus reached, albeit tight, lead in the vote, ahead of Italy (silver) and Spain (bronze).

It is a pity that this important medium cannot generate more competition by a larger number of participants. It is to be considered whether the World Championships of Photo- and Videography can be simultaneously held in one place.

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