1st European Championship of Underwater Photography

visual 3rd - 8th Sep 2014 Azores, POR

1st European CMAS Championships of Underwater Photography

The first European CMAS Championships of Underwater Photography in Graciosa/Azores from the 3rd to the 7th of September, 2014 were planned by the FPAS and with numerous teams well organized.

9 nations were registered, which is rated at European level as a very good success. The quality of the images must be emphasized as very good, a result not to be expected. Again the good diving education of the photographers has been proven, without which diving in these Atlantic areas would not be possible.

The world's best underwater photographers were at the start, compared to the World Championships this resulted in a similar ranking as in recent years has been achieved. With Turkey, Italy and Spain the platform ranks were virtually awarded. Portugal, Croatia and Holland showed their flag and were present with very good results.

The CMAS jury with Franco Banfi / Switzerland, Byung doo Lee / Korea, Orhan Aytur / Turkey, Armando Ribeiro / Portugal and with the presidency of Juergen Warnecke / Germany was a good team, which gave a fair judgment.

The photographers already discussed the World Championships in Holland, also the competition in Zeeland claims special knowledge of diving that you can probably train well only on-site. After the competition on the Azores the countdown for 2015 already runs. Except for details the organization is completed.



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