15th CMAS World Championships of Underwater Photography

visual 21st - 25th May 2015 Zeeland, NED

Famed for its cheese, tulips and windmills, the Netherlands is also the country of dykes and water. The renowned Delta Works in the province of Zeeland protects the Netherlands from the sea. Zeeland thus has the largest artificial underwater reef in the world. And it is here that the Underwater Photography World Championship will take place in 2015!




15th CMAS World Championships of Underwater Photography 2015 in Zeeland / Netherlands

The World Championships of the Underwater-photographers were especially marked by the high quality and experience of the participants. Out of the 20 participating nations 12 photographers from 11 nations could place themselves in the first three ranks and were honored with award badges. Who had thought that difficult water conditions would affect the quality of the images, could be thrilled by the creativity, the good nature images and the high technical standards during the public judging.

A result of the impeccable organization by the NOB - Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond - was a unique good atmosphere among the participants. The opportunity to get to know each other, to dive with each other and celebrate together, was abundantly used. It was a World Championship with friends of the art.

The 15th CMAS World Champion is Damir Zurub from Croatia. Vice World Champion became Stephane Regnier / France. The bronze medal goes to Margit Sablowski / Germany. You see the images of these winners in the appendix respectively in each of the five categories.

The competent jury consisting of 7 members could make a very coherent judgment. They were: Kurt Amsler / Switzerland, Claudio Bertasini / Italy, Fred di Meglio / France, Jan Azier / Netherlands, Geert Nies / Belgium, Alex Mustard / UK and Juergen Warnecke / Germany.

We will publish more information and lists in the next few days. Unplaced photographers can call up their ranking individually on the following mail address:

Juergen Warnecke Visual Commission - vdstfoto@aol.com 


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