2011 International Championships of Underwater Photography

visual 26th - 30th Sep 2011 Hurghada, EGY

From September 23rd to 30th, 2011 the International Championships of Underwater Photography will take place in Egypt. All members of the CMAS are qualified to attend. The CMAS photography standards will be realized as the CMAS General Rules and supplemented by special requirements.



As test run the whole organisation were proceed this year, which admittedly were reduced to the Egyptian standards. It concerns the hotel housing, the realisation of the jury rules as well as the requirements of the categories. In these fields international standards and the requirements of the CMAS are expected.

The diving areas for tourism around Hurghada won’t be used largely. The excellent ambiance on the boats and in the diving areas within untouched scenery is a paradise for photographers and assistants for spectacular photos.

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