X. CMAS UWR World Championships

rugby 26th Jul - 1st Aug 2015 Cali, COL

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10th CMAS Underwater-Rugby World Championships in Cali - Final Report

In Cali / Colombia, at the 10th CMAS Underwater-Rugby World Championships triumphed Germany in the women final and Norway in the men final.

The four countries that went through to the medal round were Colombia, Germany, Norway and Sweden. All four of the final matches, Gold - Silver and Bronze - 4th place, for both men and women took place on 1st August, at Piscina Alberto Galinda.

In the final matches for Gold and Silver men's final Norway defeated Germany 1 : 0 on goal by Bård Inge Pettersen. It was the same result and the same score than in the men’s final in 2011 in Helsinki.

The German women's team, which last took Gold in 2007, beat Norway with 1 : 0. After the first period they lead 2 : 0. Now Germany ist he only women team who win the cup three times.

The Bronce medal went for both competitions to Colombia which defeated the Swedish teams by 1 : 0. The Colombian women could decide the game after extra time for themselves while the Colombian men decided the game in regulation time for themselves

Final Results

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X. CMAS UWR World Championships