Underwater Rugby Open German Championship for Youth and Juniors - Oberhausen, Germany

Rugby 10.06.2016

21 times the German youth and junior uw-rugby-players met to find out their national champions in olderclass U 15, U 18 and U 21. This year, the first time the championships was held as an Open Championship.
3 teams from Turkey - one team in all olderclasses - and 1 team from Czech Republic - U 18 - came to Germany to participate on the Open Championships.
On this way they have the possibility to have competition in their olderclass on a high level.

The participation of teams from Turkey and Czech Republic was an enrichment of the championships.
This is an important step in the development of the UW-Rugby. In this way, more players may be interested in our sport. These young players are the future of our sport.


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