CMAS Sport Diving World Cup - Tallinn, Estonia

Sport Diving 06.06.2017

The CMAS Sport Diving World Cup, is organized by CMAS together with the Estonia underwater sport federation, MTÜ AQUABALTIC SPORT, from June, 2 to 4, 2017.

Competitions will take place in the Tallinn Sport Nõmme Sport Centre, in a 50m long pool and will include:

  • 100m Obstacle Course
  • Night Diving
  • 200m Trial M
  • 100M Medley
  • 50m Emersion (Lift Bag) 6Kg
  • 50m Octopus
  • 100m Immersion Torpedo
  • 4x50m Torpedo Relay
  • 4x100m Medley Relay

Competition schedule is available on CMAS website.

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