1st European Championship

sport diving 25th Jul 2010 - 1st Jan 1970 Kazan, RUS

The sports complex is located in the Olympic pool, OVИMЛ. It premiered in this competition. The buildings are excellent for this sport. This championship is the fifth International meeting since its adoption by CMAS in 2008. The increased level of competition has been exponential. The number of participating countries were 7 (Belarus, Croatia, Spain, Israel, Poland, Russia and Ukraine) and about 30 athletes have competed.

There have been two events. The individual events were the "M 300 meters" and in teams the "obstacle course”.
Russian athletes get gold in all events. The teams of Belarus and Spain reached good results too. They also got medals. The remaining countries have a very decent representation. Succeeded in improving their national registers. In relation to the marks obtained, both the male and female athletes beated previous records in all events.

Alessandro Formin and Alexey Kuzmin of the Russian team had remarkable results. Obstacle Race have a time 1,41,02. Also the athlete Ivan Rozhkov beats a record in the M 300 meters. The record is 3,31,00. These athletes get off the time recorded in previous international meetings 00,53,28 and 00,40,26 respectively. The girls were more in line with their records. But these differences were less appearent.

These times mark a before and an after in the sport. They show a very high level of training and technique. Also a good choice of study in the diving equipment. From this championship all participating countries will have to work hard to improve the records of Kazan. The speed achieved with a diving equipment is becoming similar to that of other disciplines that are practiced without the weight of equipment.
We are witnessing a rapid evolution of this exciting sport. This sport is reaching a very interesting projection inside and outside the underwater world.

gold:      Formin Alexandr - Russia, Kuzmin Alexey - Russia
silver:     Michalev Denis - Russia, Morozov Michail - Russia
bronze:  Aliashkevich Aliksei - Belarus, Siniauski Yaraslau - Belarus


gold:      Latypona Liliya - Russia, Andreeva Maria - Russia
silver:     Slipchenko Irina - Belarus, Vasilchenko Natalia - Belarus
bronze:  Okulovskay Alisa - Russia, Adaikina Natasha - Russia


gold:      Rozhkov Ivan - Russia
silver:     Michalev Denis - Russia
bronze:  Gomez Gonzalez Victor Manuel - Spain

gold:      Grankina Ekaterina - Russia
silver:     Okulovskay Alisa - Russia
bronze:   Vasilchenko Natalia - Belarus

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