CMAS Disciplinary Committee – Case DC 2016-01, Emmanouil Giankos

Spearfishing 15.12.2016

We would like to inform all competitors who participated in the XXX World Spearfishing Championship 2016 that Mr. Emmanouil Giankos has lodged an appeal against the CMAS Technical Delegated decision dated 17 September 2016 disqualifying Mr. Giankos from the results of the competition which took place in Syros Island, Greece.

With respect to this case, the CMAS Disciplinary Committee has taken note of appellant’s request to annul the results of the XXX World Spearfishing Championship 2016. Thus, we invite the competitors who wish to submit observations about this case and/or to be heard by the CMAS Disciplinary Committee to file their requests outlining their interest in the outcome of the case and indicating in which way they could be directly and significantly affected by the decision to be taken by the CMAS Disciplinary Committee, together with their submissions and reliefs requested.

Requests must be written in English and be sent by email to the CMAS Secretariat (, no later than 12 January 2017, at 12.00 noon (CET).

The request must at least include the following information:

  1. name of the competitor,

  2. a statement explaining the interest in the outcome of the procedure,
  3. email address to which the CMAS Secretariat can send an answer.

Please indicate “CMAS DC 2016-01, EMMANOUIL GIANKOS” as a reference

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