The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future” - World Ocean Review

Science 24.05.2013

The first “World Ocean Review” was published in 2010. The result was a comprehensive, detailed and unique report about the state of the world’s oceans and their interplay with ecological, economic and sociopolitical conditions. Its aim was to increase public awareness of the interconnected nature of the diverse aspects of the marine environment and thus to boost marine conservation. The WOR 1 provided a panoptic overview. The following report (WOR 2), the second in the series, focuses on the future of fish and their exploitation. Fish have always been a vital source of life for mankind – not only as a food. Fish continue to be essential to the daily diet of people in most regions of the world. At the same time fisheries provide a livelihood to entire coastal regions and still have great economic clout. All this, however, is in jeopardy and is coming under close scrutiny. Fish stocks are declining worldwide, entire marine regions are overfished and some species are already red-listed.

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