Obituary - We mourn Prof. Klaus Müller

Science 24.10.2012

With dismay and great sadness, we have heard about the death of our diving comrade and friend Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller from Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

From 1980 to 2000 Klaus Müller was professor of sedimentology and marine geology at the Technical University Clausthal. For decades he was actively engaged in many ways for our sport diving in Germany and also worldwide. For years, he was inter alia president of the geology commission in the CMAS Scientific Committee.

He paid particular attention to the scientific diving and he had a corresponding high-quality education for it. He was significantly involved in the development and expansion of the scientific diving group Clausthal-Zellerfeld and served as its long time chairman. He has worked scientifically as one of the first aquanauts in the underwater station Helgoland and conducted operations of the research divers in the underwater laboratory.

In the course of the founding of the Association of Education in Sport Diving at the Universities (AATH) in 1989, Klaus Müller assumed the presidency, in which he held until his death. In this regard, he encouraged diving for scientific purposes and the activities of the universities to teach diving within the sports scientific study.

With the loss of Klaus Müller we lose a gifted scientist and teacher, a friend and supporter who was always able to fascinate young divers for the (scientific) diving. At any given opportunity, it was a pleasure for him to pass on his extensive knowledge to young people like us.

At this difficult time our thoughts and our sympathies are with his family.


In deep mourning,

Prof. Dr. Franz Brümmer
for the German Underwater Federation (VDST)

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