CMAS and UNESCO: An enhanced cooperation in underwater environment and heritage protection

Science 16.05.2012

UNESCO representatives attended the CMAS General Assembly 2012 in Rome, and two outstanding protocols were signed between CMAS and two important commissions: the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the Commission for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.  Mr. Luis Valdes for the former and Mrs. Ulrike Guerin for the latter, before the signature of the protocols took the floor during the General Assembly explaining the importance of these agreements between UNESCO and such an important organization in the underwater activities field like CMAS.

The main issues of the protocols, concerning the Underwater Environment (with an involvement as a third signatory of WON - World Ocean Network) and the Underwater Heritage protection, were: broad awareness campaign toward the divers; training to the divers; e-learning system; the creation of think tanks on scientific diving; annual meetings and working plans to evaluate and verify the actual progress and the outcome of this broad action.

On CMAS' side the President, Achille Ferrero, and the Scientific Committee President, Hassen Baccouche were the signatories of these agreements. The latter invited all the attendants of the Assembly to spread the message of these agreements to the diver communities of their respective national federations.

More details are available in the specimens of the protocols below.

An important explaining video is available on Youtube UNESCO Channel:

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48894 confederation 25.04.2012 Ordinary General Assembly 2012 - Rome, Italy

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