Flash floods in Liberec region affects the 22th Orienteering European Championship in Hradek

Orienteering 10.08.2010

Dear Competitors,
This weekend there was a catastrophic flood in Liberec area and  in Hradek too. We do our best to start the championship in time and according to the rules. We have the support of Hradek town and region too.

BUT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to prepare some training camps for teams in this area now. We are very sorry.

The Kristyna Lake became for two days the part of Jizera river and the level of surface was about 6 meters higher than it is normal. The current was 15 km per hour.

WE ASKED ALL TEAMS to arrive to Hradek NOT before Saturday on 28.08.2010.

Thank you for your understanding!
CONFIRM recieving this information to us, please.

We will keep you informed about the situation here in the next days.

Best regards,

Michael Demartini
Divers Association of Czech Republic

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