Training manual for the UNESCO foundation course on the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage in Asia and the Pacific


Training Manual for the UNESCO Foundation Course on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Asia and the Pacific is a fruit of a UNESCO regional capacity-building project to protect and manage underwater archaeological sites through the establishment of a regional Centre of Excellence, funded by the Royal Government of Norway.

It provides a consistent curriculum for Foundation Courses and a high standard of delivery of the training units. It also provides future trainers with a framework that enables them to create personalized presentations, practical sessions and assessments.

UNESCO, in collaboration with the Underwater Archaeology Division of the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Thailand, and ICOMOS-ICUCH, has established the Asia-Pacific Regional Field Training Centre on Underwater Cultural Heritage in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand, and from 2009 to 2011 hosted three Foundation Courses and two Advanced Course concerning the protection of the underwater cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region. The units as presented in this manual are the result of the interaction between UNESCO, trainers, students during the first three foundation courses in Thailand. These insights resulted in the content of the units and appendices; the sequence of delivery of topics refined to maximize the educational benefits for the students.

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