Finswimming 21.07.2017

Two days of competitions and 14 gold medals to award in two days of races, with 112 athletes in the water plus the two 4x100. CMAS (Underwater sports federation) will be, with Finswimming, the queen of the first two days at The World Games, starting on thursday (20 of July) at Wroclaw (Poland).

With an undisclosed Olympic ambition, Finswimming presents itself with all the cards in place to offer the public the first emotions of the Games: it is well known that this competition is a kind of springboard for those disciplines that aspire to be included in the program of the forthcoming Olympic Games.

The Finswimming program in Wroclaw opens on Friday 21 (at 5 p.m.) with the final of 50 apnea. In 100 bi-fins spotlights for hungarian Petra Senanszky, world record owner with the 20 "98 swimmed last year in Volos at the World Championships (where she also setted world record in 100 and 200 bi-fins.) In the 100 surface will come down in the water the latest world recordman, the german Max Poschart (33 "87 at the German Championships last May). World record owner in water also in the 200 surface women, with russian Valeriya Baranovskaya (1'26 "74 at the 2014 European Championships). In the 100 men's bi-fins will look for confirms russian Dimitri Seryakov, who won gold and setted world record one year ago at the World Championships (41 "44). Records which speaks russian even for the 400 surface men with Evgeny Smirnov, in last individual race of the first day. At the end of the program there will be the 4x100 surface relay women. The program of Saturday 22 will open at 7.30 p.m with the two men's finals of 50 apnea and 50 bi-fins: at the 2016 World Championships the russians Pavel Kabanov and Andrey Arbuzov dominated with gold and records (respectively 13 "85 and 18" 41) . In the 200 men's surface spotlights for the colombian Juan Fernando Ocampo, who at the last World Champioships signed the world record (1'19 "12). The last Finswimming race at The World Games in Wroclaw will be the 4x100 male relay, where Russia holds the world record (2'19 "08 at the 2013 World Championships) and will be in the water 3 of the 4 holders: Kabanov, Dmitry Kokorev and Aleksey Kazantsev.

For all, then it will be a bit of holidays, without forgetting the last season's event with the Finswimming World Cup Golden Finale in Antalya (Turkey) on 21-25 September.

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