New Board of Directors in CMAS American Zone

confederation 04.12.2013

Last November, took place, in Lima (Peru), in the Headquarters of the Peruvian Olyimpic Committee, the Assembly of CMAS American Zone, for the election of its new Board of Directors.

With the assistance of the Presidents of Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico was discussed, during two days, and in the presence of the Vice-President of the CMAS, the new sport, technical  and scientific structure, in order to expedite its management with CMAS.


The new Board of Directors of CMAS American Zone is formed:
President: Rogelio Flores Aguilera (Mexico)
Vice-president: Rafael Herrera Herrera (Peru)
Technical Committee Director: Eduardo Miguel de Celis (Argentina)
Sports Committee Director: Joaquin Perez Armenta (Colombia)
Scientific Committee Director: Maria Clotilde Zeckua Ramos (Mexico)

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