Some Changes in "Open Water" for CMAS Championships 2014

Finswimming 31.10.2013

For several years, CMAS Championships in long distance have known a problem with number of countries, taking part in this type of competition.

Taking this problem which persists in time and following observations made during the last European juniors championships or CMAS Games in KAZAN, time to make modifications is coming. It's necessary to think the practice of finswimming in global view as in swimming pool or in long distance. For these reasons, the commission swims with palms decided to propose changes.

A project was presented during the meeting of the sport committee on Friday, October 18th. Then, the proposal was submitted to the vote of the BOD 184 of the Saturday, October 19th which approved it.

The program “Open Water” as from 2014 for CMAS championships (European seniors Championships in LIGNANO and world juniors championships in CHANIA will be as follow:


Only one day of competition.

  • Morning: 4x2Km mix team (2 male athletes + 2 female athletes)
  • Afternoon: 6Km individual

Each country can register maximum (4) swimmers for individual distance and (1) relay team 


The general configuration of these two championships will be like below:

Arrival day/Departure day  
Training day
D Day Competition


Senior Championships 2014 Lignano

  27/07 28/7   29/7    30/7     31/7  1/8  2/8 3/8 4/8
 Pool    D1 
 Open Water        D1

Junior Championships 2014 Chania

  25/6 26/6 27/6 28/6 29/6 30/6 1/7
 Pool  D1  D2  D3  
Open Water      D1



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