La Semana Master de Pesca Submarina Ciutat de Palma 2020

Spearfishing 30.01.2020

Semana Master 2020, the traditional international spearfishing championship organized by FBDAS, Federacion Balear de Actividades subacuaticas was held in a bay of Mallorca.

Five competitions in two days, individual and team gathered 131 man and woman athletes from five different countries.

For the second time FBDAS organized at the Semana Master the CMAS Women’s World Cup, individual competition for ladies spearos, where Malen Sart Bonin won second year in a row among six competitors.

Malen in five hours of competition caught 8 fish, six different species and total 11685 points.

Second Master title by Giacomo de Mola has been won by the Italian champion with 26110 points, in front of the Spanish Miguel Angel Oliver and Xavier Blanco Pastor.

IV CMAS Brands Cup won Beuchat Team with Daniel Gospic, Oscar Cervantes nad Pedro Carbonell. Beuchat Team had incredible 43 fish with seven different specie and nine cups, in total 79065 points.

For the first time in World Cup for Nations Spain did not win.

Eugene Guillaume, Aurelien Bouzon and Stephan Buisson from France won World Cup with 39240 points.

French Team had 26 fish, five different species and four cups. Spain with Cesar Bustelo, Xavier Blanco Pastor nad Jacobo Garcia finished on second place, and third was Greece Vlachos, Konstantinos and Kambanis

XX Open Ciutat de Palma – IX Memorial Sebastia Carbonell was won by Team Casa Calico III infront of Blausub Team and C.A.S.A. Team.

Brothers Carlos and David Martorell and Juan Campins presented at weighing 28 fish, 11 different species and two cups for 38725 points.

All the fish caught at Semana Master was devoluted, as European rule for species caught in sportive competitions, for charity, in this case to the organization SOS Mamas.

This years Semana Master was dedicated to Juan Ramon Reus, former Spanish athlete and national team member for 10 years. After he retired from competitions he was member of CMAS Spearfishing Comitee.

Results in PDF:


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