Italian Finswimming Open Championship for Disabled Athletes - San Vito al Tagliavento (Pordenone), Italy

Finswimming 09.12.2019

On November 24th, in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), the 2019 edition of the Italian Finswimming Open Apnea Championship for disabled (DIFIR) was held at the local municipal swimming pool.
Organized by A.S.D. Pinna Sub San Vito, the event registered the participation of a fair number of athletes, who, with their technical gestures, have demonstrated, once again, how the sport is able to overcome every barrier.
Among the winners of this 2019 edition of the Championship:
Luca Antoniali, Lisa Bertolo, Rosanna Brunetti, Christian Clemente, Annamaria Corato, Alvise Costantini, Marco De Stefani, Piergiuseppe Facca, Davide Franceschetti, Daniele Furlanis, Riccardo Gallina, Chiara Girotto, Riccardo Lucangeli, Luca Oliviero, Manuel Pavan, Stefano Pistan, Sandro Pupolin and Martina Screti.

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