Freediving World Record No Limit Master 55

free diving 06.10.2019

July, 20th 2019 is a historic date because it finds the great Francisco Ferreras “Pipin” on the world apnea scene as a protagonist.

More than 15 years have passed since its last record, in 2003, when he reached the depth of 171 meters in the No Limit discipline. Now Pipin is back to remember Audrey Mestre during a memorial dedicated to her.

In 1983 Jacques Mayol at the age of 56 dived to a depth of 105m, after 26 years in the bay of Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic, Pipin at 57 years old has conquered the depth of 106 meters!

The CMAS was present at this important primate by the freediving international judge Michele Geraci, who waited for Pipin at the bottom (SCUBA trimix diving) checking the recovery of the tag.

This historical event will be told in a Netflix series “back to the abyss”, in which we will see the protagonist Pipin tell the whole story of freediving from his birth to today.

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54214 free diving 06.10.2019 Freediving World Record No Limit Master 55

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