Covid-19 Update

confederation 16.03.2020

Dear friends,

We are monitoring the situation of COVID-19 very closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a day by day basis and in the interests of keeping everyone safe some national events are being cancelled or postponed, up to the end of April.

A travel ban and restrictions on the numbers in gathering is in place in many countries.

Updates from the Medical, Sports commissions will be issues as more information is received.

We are not cancelling the GA as of yet but as time progresses it is less lightly to take place. 

The hope is that the lock-down and restrictions that is taking place in some countries for the next two weeks will stem the spread of the virus and afterwards normal activities will resume.

Please do not make reservations, book flights or hotels as of yet.

We will be keeping our members up to date with news as decisions are being made.

Kind Regards,


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