CMAS TC meeting in Egypt

technical 24.10.2019

On October 12th the CMAS TC had at director meeting in Alexandria, Egypt. We were invited by the president of the Egyptian federation Mr. Sameh El-Shazly. The meeting was incredibly well done and the host from Egypt was exemplary.

The day before the director meeting Mr. Sameh El-Shazly invited me to witness the Egyptian Fin swimming championships. It was an exciting and impressive experience.

Members of the Egyptian Confederation's Board of Directors and TC attended the director's meeting as observers. The TC president from Egypt Dr. Emad Khalil introduced  his team to the meeting participants and he explained the dive situation in Egypt. He insisted on the need for an instructor seminar as well as a Special Needs Diver instructor course.  I accepted his request, and the date of the seminar and SND Instructor course was agreed, from March 30th to April 5th 2020. CMAS TC will provide the Egyptian Federation with all the requested assistance.

During the CMAS TC director meeting the Dolphin standards were discussed and we expect a revision to be finished by 2020. At the first coming CMAS BoD meeting, I will present the BoD with the revision of the P1-P3 standard as well as the revision for M1-M3 standards.

The request and decision from the Special Need Diver (SND) event in Alicante last year, was that the next event will be held in Pamplona 2020 was also discussed. Kelly McGinn and I are participating in a meeting with part of the working group about the event next weekend. All preparations and appointments are going according to plan and I’m looking forward to the next SND event in October 22-25, 2020 in Pamplona, Spain.

Before the meeting Mr. Sameh El-Shazly president of the Egyptian federation invited the CMAS TC directors to dive on the Alexandria Light House. It was a great a great honor and pleasure to dive on this historical site.

I thank the Egyptian federation for their incredible work organizing this meeting, and I’m looking forward to the meetings/seminar next year.


Best regards,

Flemming Holm


CMAS TC president


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