CMAS TC meeting in Alicante - Spain, September 2nd 2017.

technical 11.09.2017

The CMAS TC had its first meeting after the elections in the University of Alicante, Spain this weekend. The Vice-president of the University of Alicante Ms. María José Rodríguez Jaume welcomed the TC to the university and thanked us for choosing the University as a venue for our meeting. The Vice-president is very interested in working with CMAS and was hoping that this meeting will be the start of a long cooperation. We also met the Director of Sports Service Ms. Ana Echeveste Tellería, who is responsible for the Sports in the university and consequently for work with diving with special needs She was also looking forward to start working closely with CMAS. The Mayor of San Vicente del Raspeig, Mr. Jesús Javier Villar Notario and the Town Councillor of San Vicente del Raspeig, Responsible for Sport, Mr. José Luis Lorenzo Ortega also visited the meeting and expressed their support for CMAS and wished the TC success with our work.
The town and university are very interested in working closely with CMAS with diving and with the education of divers with special needs.
The TC is made up of new and old members who have now started working on the tasks presented by the TC President and the TC Directors for the next 4 years.

  • Diving with special needs is one of the TC`s focus areas. A work group is planning instructor courses for next year. The University of Alicante is very interested in working with the TC and the working group will work very closely with them.
  • Quality Management is also a focus area. The TC is working on a plan for QM. The plan will contain suggestions for the federations for implementation of QM and systems for the BoD/TC for ensuring QM inside CMAS.
  • Standards and rewriting of standards has been an ongoing task for the TC for many years. We have a plan for working through all CMAS standards to ensure they are consistent etc. It is a big work but we need our standards to be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • CMAS Education material is needed in a lot of federations, and we are working on producing a system for CMAS. The system will be e-learning and we are still working with the plan, the first level that will be finished very soon.

The meeting was a great success.
Flemming Holm
CMAS TC President

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