ARISF Meeting and News release- October 2019

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As a member of ARISF, President Anna Arzhanova attended the meeting that was held On October 29th, 2019 and during which of the The ARISF Council approved plans to execute the organisation’s new three-year strategic direction, which will provide strength through unity and create a common voice on behalf of the IOC-recognised federations.

The ARISF council met at the Royal Savoy on 29 October 2019. Photo Courtesy: Getty imagesThe ARISF council met at the Royal Savoy on 29 October 2019. Photo Courtesy: Getty images


As the largest membership group within GAISF, ARISF accounts for 42 of the 95 International Federations in the sports movement, five of which will feature in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and another four have been provisionally selected for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. To ensure that this strategic direction encapsulated the needs of the entire body, the Council conducted a survey of the members in 2019. 

The survey recorded an 88% reply rate, and highlighted the key needs of members, which centred on ARISF becoming a more service-oriented organisation, in full cooperation with GAISF and the IOC.

Having been approved by members at the 2019 GA in Gold Coast, as well as supported by IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell, the three-year strategy will focus on increased advocating for members’ interests with ARISF’s main partners (IOC, NOCs, etc.), supporting members with issues of good governance and development, and working with members on the promotion of their sports. 

The new strategic vision will provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, supporting members’ development, and increasing the visibility of ARISF member sports. An example of this was shared by International Floorball Federation Secretary General John Liljelund, who updated the Council on the IOC’s initiative to create a catalogue of case studies to help International Federations implement methods of best practice. Following Mr. Liljelund’s discussions with the IOC’s Recognised IFs and Organisations Senior Manager, Andrew Hofer, the Council approved plans to create a guide on marketing strategies for ARISF federations.

President Chiulli also took the opportunity to update the Council on the recent successes of ARISF, including the organisation’s role in GAISF’s multi-sport games. World Skate, World Dance Sport Federation and World Flying Disc Federation represented ARISF at the successful World Urban Games Budapest 2019, which saw more than 50,000 spectators attend the three-day event. Discussions regarding the 2021 Combat Games in Nur-Sultan are ongoing, but it is expected that up to six ARISF members will be included in the sports programme. Furthermore, ARISF members have also played a key role in the success of the IF Forum 2019, with four representatives from IOC-recognised sports speaking as part of the panel discussions which took place in Lausanne. 

Following the retirement of International Netball President and council member Molly Rhone earlier this year, ARISF members will vote to appoint an interim replacement for one year, before fresh elections of the entire Council in 2021.

ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli thanked Mrs Rhone for her dedicated service:

“Molly has been a great ambassador for netball and the sports movement as a whole. Her commitment to the development of sport globally, as well as her warm personality, is a great example to others. I think I speak on behalf of ARISF when I wish Molly a happy retirement.”

Finally, the Council heard more about a number of GAISF-led projects, including the Sustainability Award and .sport, both of which have seen several ARISF members participate. 

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