5th Open International Spearfishing Championship in Tenerife 30.11.2019

Spearfishing 03.12.2019

The Antequera waters, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, hosted fifth edition of the International Spearfishing Open of Tenerife organized by the Canarian Federation of Underwater Activities. This time, breaking the record of registered teams, with fourteen combined three athletes each, among which was two combined FEDAS, one female and one male.

As usual, the day before the test, the technical meeting was organized in which participants are given the relevant indications for the day of competition and try to clarify possible doubts to the regulation. They were quoted for this purpose in the Mercado Nuestra Señora de Africa shopping center where the central area had been enabled for this purpose.

The competition area is known as T-3, which begins in Los Organs and extends to La Punta de Antequera, a space of about three and a half miles of coastline where sandy bottoms predominate unfavourable for spearfishing and in which the predominance of the northeast wind on both the day of the test and some prior to it made it difficult, above all, to travel through it.

On Saturday at 8:00 in the morning the teams were concentrating in the fishing dock of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the intention of leaving for the area at 8:30, an hour that was delayed by a setback with the boat of the competition manager. After leaving for the area with the support of a second boat of Commissioners, it also suffered some unforeseen events so the departure was somewhat delayed on the scheduled schedule.

The spearos were distributed in the area, being the busiest half nearest to the Punta de Antequera and in which despite being considered the best, the teams were worth getting to capture valid pieces. The northeast wind was inseparable and throughout the morning it would go down, making navigation significantly complicated, especially in the open areas and at the most exposed ends.

Assembled the teams at 14:00 in the concentration zone, they deliver the sacks that are stowed in the vessel of the test director as the boats leave for port. The volume of the bags indicates that the weighing will not be long, the day has been hard and as it had been seen throughout its development, the number of catches has been very low.

The weigh-in takes place at the Mercado Nuestra Señora de Africa shopping center after a welcome meal.

The top three teams qualified were as follows:

  1. Team CASA, with Ayoze Alonso, David Hernández and Jaime Heras.
  2. Mixed man FEDAS, Sergio de Julián, Juan Vicente Pérez and Samuel Tomás
  3. Mix 1, with Óscar López, Sigfredo Fernández and Jonathan García

The trophy for the biggest number of valid pieces, 13, was for the first qualifiers, the CASA team.

The trophy to the major piece was taken, with the capture of a 2,974 kg amberjack, the Magéeteam, made up of Antonio Monzón, Angel J. Trujillo and Olivier Fco. War.

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