5th French Apnea Outdoor National Championships Baie de Villefranche, France

free diving 21.07.2017

The 1st of July, the FFESSM Apnea Commission organized the French outdoor Championship - CMAS Open (Constant Weight monofin, bi-fins & without fins), in the Mediterranean Sea.
This competition was a success and welcomed athletes from France, but also from Russia and Italy.

The contest was hard for the athletes due to difficult meteorological conditions but they all performed well, especially two young athletes under the age of 21 : the italian Antonio Mogavero (-81m monofin) & the french guy, Arnaud Jerald who broke the bi-fins national record with - 83m. Big thanks to Sébastien Laplagne, Arnaud Ponche, Marc Salacroup, Benoit Martin and Olivia Fricker for the organization, as well as Gregory Piazzola, jury member. Olivia Fricker, Arnaud Ponche & Michele Geraci were present as CMAS international judges, in order to homologate World Record attempt (KRUPNITSKAIA Marianna (Russia), OBINO Chiara & Vincenzo Ferri (Italia) did not realized the WR).

Thanks to Diveye and the team of Michal, Pascale and François Cetre for the video as well as Bill & Emma Rhamey.

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