Referee Committee

The Coach Committee is headed by a Director and a Secretary.  
The Director of the Referee Committee has the responsibility to ensures the regular functioning and promotes collaboration with the Rules Director and members of the referee committee.

 The Referee Committee Director and the Rules Director are elected by the college of referees by public or secret vote. These elected individual´s names will be submitted to the CMAS Director of UWH Commission. Then, the CMAS Director will submit the name to the Chairman of the Sport Committee for approval by the CMAS Board of Directors.

 All the members of the college of referees need to have an UWH CMAS Certification Level.

 The Director of Referee Committee have the responsibility for:

  1. defining guidelines for referee framework,
  2. defining criteria to all underwater hockey referee certifications,
  3. create and implement the long-term development referee training programs
  4. create, organize and coordinate international referee courses, seminars and other educational programs.
The Rules Director is responsible to oversee and uphold the CMAS Rules as defined by the College of Referees and for all meeting minutes and records of the Referees. The Rules Director is also responsible for the following:

  1. serve as support for the Director to ensure smooth functioning of the management team.
  2. uphold any legal requirements of the Board.
  3. arrange meetings.
  4. record all meetings and official documents.
  5. take care of all official correspondence for the Committee.
  6. work with Commission Secretary as needed.

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Members of Committee

Referee Committee Director
Phone: +1 612-722-7170
Referee Committee Rules Director