Technical Committee meets in Switzerland

technical 15.10.2012

The Swiss federation hosted the last CMAS TC meeting in Lucarno. The agenda was - as always - very long. The CMAS TC is finishing the work with rewriting the CMAS standards. This is a very big task, because when every standard is rewritten the standard is also brought up to date, for example the age limits today are not in line with the past. In some standard the instructor has to be 18 year old prior to entering the instructor course, in other standards the age limit is 20 year. The TC is looking at standardizing these age recommendations.

Another matter that the TC is working on is helping federations starting up new education programs. The TC has helped Egypt and Sweden amongst others in 2012. And we are still receiving request from other federations for courses in 2013. This is a task that the TC loves - helping federations with starting up new education systems.

During the meeting the Swiss federations organized a scooter demonstration and hands on training. The reason is that the CMAS scooter standard (this was introduced some years ago) is not selling a lot of C-cards. The TC recognizes that a lot more advertising and promotion is needed. This is just a small beginning in promoting this standard.  Both recreational and professional scooters were on hand for the training and the advantages of these items were realized.

The CMAS TC thanks the Swiss federations for the great work with organizing the meeting and with the scooter demonstration.

Next meeting will be in January hosted by the German Federation in conjunction with the Boot show.

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