1st Mediterranean Finswimming Championship

finswimming 30th Aug - 4th Sep 2014 Tunisi, TUN

1st Mediterranean Finswimming Championship in Tunise

During the first day of mediterranean championships, Mrs Anna ARZHANOVA and M Alain GERMAIN receveid a gift from M Abdelkrim BOUJEMAA president of Tunisian Federation and UFMAS to thank CMAS support to union of Mediterranean Underwater Federations and particularly for this 1st Mediterranean championships, necessary step before intergrate the 1st mediterranean beach games in PESCARA 2015.
He was accompagnied by Mohamed BOUKADAR General Secretary of UFMAS, Claudio MATTEOLI president of Italian Federation, Mohamed Ali Gharbal president of Marocco Federation and members of UFMAS.


About the competition:

All athletes, they are at the heart of the project and the future of the finswimming, coaches, delegates of federations, the judges wrote a new chapter in the long history of finswimming.

For this competition, 90 swimmers from Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Morocco, were present. There was also during these three days of competition representatives of Algeria and Libya.

This championship was the repetition of the 1st Mediterranean Beach Games of Pescara in 2015. Finswimming is officially listed in the program of the competition.

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