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The World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide campaign for doping-free sport. WADA works towards a vision of a world where all athletes compete in a doping-free sporting environment.

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WADA has developed a simple reference guide, in the way of a leaflet, outlining the health consequences of using doping substances:
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For any information be so kind to contact DR Michel Léglise, CMAS antidoping and medical director:

Prohibited List & TUE Application Form

The Prohibitd List is an International Standard identifying substances and methods prohibited in-competition, out-of-competition and in particular sports.

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Please note that from 1st January 2015 the Beta-blockers are prohibited In-Competition only, in the following disciplines: in constant-weight apnoea with or without fins, dynamic apnoea with and without fins, free immersion apnoea, Jump Blue apnoea, spearfishing, static apnoea, target shooting and variable weight apnoea.

WADA has developed doping control documentation in partnership with athletes, International Federations, National Anti-Doping Organizations, laboratories, and other stakeholders to standardize documentation and simplify the doping control process for athletes and sample collection personnel

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Anti-Doping Violation Case

In accordance with Article 14.3 of the World Underwater Federation Anti-Doping Rules (“CMAS ADR”), the CMAS hereby reports that the Athlete Mr David ČUSTIC (HRV) has violated Article 2.1 of the CMAS ADR (Presence of the following Prohibited Substance in the Athlete’s sample: Dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone).The Athlete has been sanctioned as follows:

  • 1. Mr David ČUSTIC has committed a violation of Article 2.1 of the CMAS ADR.
  • Mr David ČUSTIC is suspended for a period of Ineligibility of 4 (four) years.
  • The period of Ineligibility starts on 16 June 2018 and shall remain in full force and effect until 15 June 2022.
  • In accordance with Articles 9, 10.1 of the CMAS ADR, all the results achieved by the Athlete at the the10th Free Diving Indoor World Championship are disqualified with all resulting consequences. The corresponding medal is withdrawn, and the time world record achieved by the Athlete at the above-mentioned event is cancelled.