Finswimming World Cup - round swimming pool

finswimming 21st - 23rd Feb 2020 Eger, HUN

Please note from 2020 January 1st, CMAS works with SportData and use new database to manage all sports in CMAS. Consequently, for Finswimming, the previous database is not valid now.

All data of CMAS sports are stored in the CMAS sport database managed by SportData. The link is

For the world cup of Eger, the registration will be opened from Friday January 31st to February 17th .

You can already create your account in the following link

If problem, contact, support 7/7


All registration of athletes for events must be submitted only through electronic way. Application forms can be used only for accommodation, general organisation and Minaret Cup registration.

For registration the website is

This year, the registration applies for World Cup program and Minaret Cup.

For event registration of your competitors, coaches, referees and officials please follow these steps:

·      Log in with your account

·      Check your team data. Please check if the data is correct and up to date.

·      Enter or change the data of your competitors, coaches, referees and officials.

·      In the event calendar go to the event you want to register for, click on the “Registration” button of the event you want to register.

·      On the bottom of the entries site you will see the functions to make new entries

·      Register your competitors / teams in categories, as well as your coaches, referees and officials

·      All your registrations will go first on a waiting list in order to validate them. After the payment process is finished, your registrations will be approved, and you will be notified by email.

·      You can find an overview about all your registrations at “My current entries”. There you can also find the amount you have to pay and the provided payment method.

·      Please also check out the “Other Items” section of the event. The organizer may also provide here additional purchase items, like transport, accommodation, etc.

·      If you need help please contact the Sportdata Support Team:

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Finswimming World Cup - round swimming pool