Open European UNDERWATER RUGBY Championship for juniors

rugby 11st - 13th Nov 2016 Sandefjord, NOR

XII. Open European Championships for Juniors in Underwater Rugby - Sandefjord, Norway

President of CMAS Underwater Rugby Commission Rüdiger Hüls declared the XII. Open European Championship for Juniors in Underwater Rugby for opened.

Something less than 200 Athletes from eight nations came to Sandefjord (Norway) to show of their skills. Within many close games eight male and five female teams will try to win this Championships.

Laila Lokkerbergoen (Member of the BOD of the Norwegian Diving Federation) and Gunnar Horn (Head of the Local Organizing Committee) welcomed every nation warmly and made technical improvements possible, which will hopefully guaranty live-streaming with high quality. So that many people can follow the games and support their national teams. This is probably the main keyfactor to get Underwater Rugby more popular.

If you want to stay informed and follow your National teams just visit


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