Underwater Photo and Video World Championship

visual 17th - 22nd Sep 2019 Tenerife (Canarias), ESP

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Photo Jury

Kay Burn Lim (President, Australia)

Danny van Belle (Belgium)

Adam Hanlon (Ireland)

Magnus Lundgren (Sweden)

Viktor Lyagushkin - (Russian Federaion)

Michael Aw (Australia)

Nicholas Samaras (Greece)

Video Jury

Kay Burn Lim - President (Australia)

Lee Burghard (USA)

Alex Del Olmo (Spain)

Jeff Goodman (UK)
Julie Quimet (Canada)


Underwater Photo and Video World Championship. Tenerife, Spain – September 2019

The XVII World Championship of Underwater Photography and the III World Championship of Underwater Video, organized by the Spanish Underwater Federation (FEDAS) and the Canarias Underwater Federation (FEDECAS) will be held in Tenerife, Spain from September 17, to 22, 2019.

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