Colombia achieved the Women's World Championship title for the very first time.

Colombia dominated for the first time in the Women WC competition. There were 10 nations participating this time to hunt down the World Championship title.

World Championships were played in Montreal, Canada, 9.-15.7.2023. The venue was historic Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, which was also the venue during 1972 in Olympic Games for water polo and handball.

Since the group phase, the Colombian women's team showed as a very strong candidate to the gold. They ranked in first position after the group stage by winning all the games, although they had a tight game versus Germany winning by only one goal.

The other finalist team was Norway, who also ranked first in their group, they stumbled a bit when playing Sweden (0-0) in the group stage. 

In the semifinals Colombia beat Australia with very clear numbers (6-0), but the other semifinal was tighter, with Norway facing Germany. The game was very challenging for both teams. It went finally to penalty shootout competition after a trepidant sudden death, and only then, there was a decision on the winner.

Final game between Colombia and Norway had more possession for Colombia, but only one goal was seen due to a small mistake of Norway’s defense and very quick decisions of Colombian players.

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