XXXIII World CMAS Championship for men, and second for women organized by FCDAS and FEDAS

XXXIII World CMAS Championship for men, and second for women

World titles for Spanish athletes Magdalena Sart Bonin and Santiago Lopez Cid

Two Spanish athletes Magdalena Sart Bonin and Santiago Lopez Cid are the winners of the World Spearfishing Championship held in Laredo, Spain. Spain is also a champion for teams in both standings, men and women. 

XXXIII World CMAS Championship for men, and second for women was organized by FCDAS and FEDAS. 

Magdalena Sart Bonin maintains the title after an amazing success two years ago in Italy and as there have been only two world titles in the women's spearfishing competitions, the Spanish athlete is the only women spearfishing champion in history. She won with 171.25%. 

Compared to the WC two years ago in Italy, in the women's classification were athletes from 13 countries, in Italy were 7. On the podium with Spanish champion Sart Bonin were standing Alex Edwards from New Zealand (149.66%) and Onyx Le Bihan from Tahiti (135.12%). 

Santiago Lopez Cid conquers his first world title with a final score of 182,61%. Two Italians were on the podium with Lopez Cid, second Luigi Puretti with 137.90%, and now ex-world champion Giacomo de Mola (135.71%). 

In the men's teams standings Spain (Lopez Cid, Cruz Gutierrez, Garcia Fernandez) won the title with 410.88%, followed by Italy (Puretti, De Mola, Strambelli) with 347.91%, while third on the podium was Tahiti (Taea, Lamantiniere, Roncin) with 315.62%. 

Among the women's teams standings again it is Spain (Sart Bonnin, Arroyo Crespo, Romero Garcia) with 338.87% to conquer the world title. Tahiti (Le Bihan – Orth) was second (250,94%) in the women's classification for teams, and third finished team USA (Perurena, Higgs, Burko), with 204.09%. 

Day 1 

In the men’s standings, it is the Spanish Angel Cruz Gutierrez to win the day with 13 valid fish, for a total of 27,110 grams and 29,150 points. Second, was the incredible athlete from Tahiti, Mauiarii Taea, with 12 valid fish for 15,860 grams, 27.760 points, and 95.23%. Third was Aurelien Bouzon, back finally with the French team in international competitions.

Bouzon had 11 valid fish for 18,700 grams, for 24,490 points and 84.01%. Santiago Lopez Cid was fourth on day 1. 

Alex Edwards from New Zealand won on day 1. Edwards brings to the weighing 12 valid fish, for 11,010 grams and 19,510 points. Onyx Le Bihan from Tahiti, caught the second position of the day thanks to 10 valid fish for 7,430 grams, 14,430 points, equal to 73.96%. Third was the favorite of this WC and winner of the first women's title in Arbatax two years ago, Magdalena Sart Bonnin had 8 valid catches, including two congers, for 29,030 grams, 13,900 points, and 71.25%. 

Day 2

Two Spanish athletes Angel Cruz Gutierrez and Jacobo Garcia Fernandez did not repeat day 1, but Santiago Lopez Cid managed to „jump“ with an astonishing catch of 14 valid fish, for 26.620 grams and 29.420 points and after many years in competitions finally catching the world title. Second Tahitian Dell Lamartiniere finished second on day 2 with 12 valid fish for 26,520 grams, 26,520 points, and 90.14%. Third was the Turkish Huseyin Tasdibi who had not competed on day 1, with 11 valid fish for 24.870 grams, 
24,200 points, and 82.26%.

The second day of the women’s competition had a similar situation as for the men. Sart Bonin brought to the scale 10 valid catches, for 14,200 grams, 14,700 points, and is the winner of the second day. An amazing Lidija Vukic from Norway was second with 8 valid fish for 6,810 grams, 12,310 points, and 83.74%. On the lowest step of the podium of day 2 was Rosibel Molina Perurena. The athlete of Team USA brings home 7 valid catches for 5,810 grams,10,810 points, and 73.54%.

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