CMAS Accident Medical Coverage

Athletes 15.12.2017

Dear Presidents, Dear Members, Dear Directors,

On the recommendation of Anna Arzhanova, President of CMAS, and in order to bring CMAS closer to its members worldwide, CMAS and MDS Group offer you a unique insurance solution valid locally and internationally.

The purpose of this collaboration is to provide a global, comprehensive and coordinated
accident and medical insurance to our members.

For your information, this system comes in addition to the global CMAS Database which is in

It will also allow a tracking of all members through an Automatic Number Identification (ANI).
Please note that, by BOD's decision, all sport licenses will include this insurance for all the year
and one license is valid for all CMAS disciplines.

The prices are 14€/each (pool) and 22€/each (open water).

We believe this new solution will improve coordination between CMAS and national federations
and offer better coverage to all members.

Best regards
Hassan Baccouche
Secretary General

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