Sardinia Cup Contest (DYN-BF, DYN, DNF and Sta)

free diving 1st - 2nd May 2021 Cagliari, ITA

Cristina Francone from Italy sets two new CMAS dynamic freediving world records

The Italian freediver Cristina Francone has set two new freediving world records of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS), during the weekend of May 1 and 2, in the competition endorsed by the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities (FIPSAS) called "Sardinia Cup" held in Cagliari.

The 1st record is a Dynamic World Record with Monofin: an impressive record of 261.40 meters (time 2min 58sec) in a 50-meter pool, surpassing the previous world record of the Italian Alessia Zecchini of 253 meters in June 2019 in Turkey.

The 2nd record is a Dynamic World Record with Bifins: also in a 50-meter pool, by completing a distance of 231.85 meters (3min 02 sec) surpassing the 230, 05 meters performed by the Croatian Mirela Kardaševi? at the end of March of this year 2021.

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