13th Underwater Photo World Championship Ends in Bodrum-Turkey with a Fair Distribution of Medals Amongst the Participating Countries and with Turkey Taking the Title.The World Champion is Mr. Orhan Aytür

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The 13th CMAS World Underwater Photo Championship in Bodrum- Turkey ended with a surprise. Turkey took the prestigious title. Indeed the Turkish champion Orhan Aytür already was known by insiders as an excellent underwater photographer and expert on the dive-sites around Bodrum. Nevertheless he was hardly considered as a favourite.

The National Team of the FEDAS / Spain with Arthur Josia Telle Thiemann just had to admit defeat with a tiny bit margin. They earned a gold medal (Close up with Theme), a bronze medal (Close up) and a fourth place (Fish) and became "Vice World Champion" in the world ranking list. The second Spaniard David Barrio Colongues was also very successful with a gold medal (Wide Angle)and a 10th place. A perfectly-positioned team.

But of course the joy of taking the title was greatest in the organizing Turkish Federation (TSSF) whose responsible persons including workers celebrated their hero, the world's best underwater photographer in 2011. With one gold medal (Wide Angle with Model) and two bronze medals (Fish and Close up with Theme) the World Champion Orhan Aytür was on the podium three times and achieved a seventh place in the category Close up as well as a ninth place in the category Wide Angle.

The second participant of the Turkish team, Kerim Sabuncuo%u011Flu won a silver medal in the category Wide Angle with Model and was in the top ten in three other categories. It has been proved again that local knowledge and diligent training is the secret to success especially for the national teams which know the the western Mediterranean regions exactly indeed, but which still were surprised by the differences of the flora and fauna on site.

Also seasonal changes especially in the reduced number of species on the one hand and the unusual high level of attractiveness of the landscape and of the offered prehistoric motifs, such as an airplane wreck and numerous amphorae on the other hand made a rethinking of ideas in the planned implementation. The vacant task in the category Close up with Theme was a further problem of implementation and creativity. Many photographers did not really knew how to handle the theme echinoderms (starfish, sea lilies, sea urchins). So most of the submitted artwork was detailed pictures of sea urchins and starfishes. In the future the Visual Commission has to influence the choice of topics.

As to the number of participants it has to be mentioned that this World Championship was so far the biggest event of its kind with 23 nations' 41 participants. Both CMAS and the host Federation TSSF are proud for this outstanding achievement that provided a large presence by using all instruments of international publicity and modern advertising.

(13 CMAS World Underwater Photo Championship 2011, Bodrum - Turkey
the 2011 World Champion, Orhan Aytür)

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