10th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championship - Santiago De Cali, Colombia - First Results

Rugby 29.07.2015

64 goals were scored at the morning session of the first day of competition in the Underwater Rugby World Championship Cali 2015.

Colombia, Venezuela and Austria won their first matches.

The male team overcame Australia by 20 goals to nil. The ladies, on a closer match, prevailed over Finland 1-0.

Every Colombian goal was celebrated by the great public attendance at the Alberto Galindo Herrera pools, for the championship opening matches.

At the end of the preliminary rounds of the 10th World Underwater Rugby Championship in Cali; Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway were ranked first in their respective groups, each with four points.

The four teams who will compete in the finals, won both their matches by the following scores: Germany 32 to 0 South Africa and 14 to 0 Venezuela; Sweden 9 to 0 Austria and 11 to 0 USA; Denmark 17 to 0 Spain and 14 to 0 Canada; Norway 2 to 1 Colombia and 34-0 to Australia.

In the women’s division, Sweden, Colombia, Germany, and Norway won their matches:

Sweden   20   Venezuela       0
Colombia 14   Australia         0
Germanu 8     Denmark         0
Norway   27   USA                0

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